BakerMamma a sweet nickname that stuck.

Who is this BakerMamma? This girl is for real that’s all! I’m a say it like it is or don’t bother kind of lady. Although, I’m very kind in my delivery I promise. I am a bakery owner and a Mother to 5 sweet handsome young sons. They are handsome to me all the time and sweetest to each other when their mouths are full of some great morsel of food. In between I calm them with songs of Jesus, hours of outdoor playhju and roller bottles of essential oils. Believe me I’ve found the ones that work. My parenting style is relaxed with loving direction and lots of guidance to the goals of good behavior and respectful social grace. They know they are safe to fail, but challenged to do their best daily. I love being their mother. I get exasperated and exhausted on occasion, but overall the rewards are greater. I know in the end this tribe of mine will bless me back and care for me too.

We live in the country. We love fresh veggies, eggs and climbing trees. All the big boys are confident with kitchen tools like chef knifes, mixers and blenders. They get involved with meal prep and bakery work regularly. It’s all part of our family life. I love that they see a day hanging out with mom at farmers market as a fun day away from home.

This last year their Daddy and my husband was killed. We desperately grieve his passing. We entered a valley so deep I wasn’t sure there was an exit. With God’s help, lots of prayer and being willing to embrace the pain in order to heal, we are journeying onward and upwards. At last I see the dawn cresting above the hills on the far off mountain peaks. There is hope for us at last!

So we press on, live on, bake on and look for joy. A new day is dawning and we are ready and watching the horizon with great anticipation. Feet planted on solid ground eyes turned toward the light, we lift our eyes and ours spirits grow lighter with gratitude. Our day is coming, our night is behind us. So share some time with us if you’d like. Pull up a chair to our table and enjoy a morsel or two. Not much better than breaking bread with friends…and you dear are just a friend I hadn’t yet met. Blessings on your journey!

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