He Gave Me Diamonds

I opened the door and there lay before me a hundred thousand sparkling little tiny diamonds. My breath caught in the frigid 3 degree air. I stopped startled at the intensity of the beauty of the scene before me. Crystal clear was the sky and the stars felt so close I could touch them. The diamond path before me was so beautiful to walk upon. The light of the moon and the stars together made all those diamonds glimmer all the more! I felt it – directly as if God had handed me a gift wrapped box with a studded set of earrings and bracelet and necklace and rings all as one lovely package. I was too overwhelmed to move for a bit. It was three am and I was so very tired, it was frigid outside and all I had wanted to do was to run quickly from the back door of the house to the bakery to begin my days work. I’d risen from bed quickly and happily though with a tired sigh and a heave because my toddlers hadn’t slept well last night. They both have that ongoing raspy cough that doesn’t seem to let up. So tired and cold immediately forgotten and my whole being was overwhelmed with love as I felt the encompassing arms of my heavenly Father and Husband wrap around me. You see it’s Christmastime and who remembers Mamma right now? Who knows me as a wife right now? Who knows the ache that I don’t even express to myself? Sometimes I forget how much it hurts to be a widow until it hurts in a good way too. Yes, the good hurts right alongside the bad, that’s just how it works.

And so I scooped up into my heart another huge dose of gratitude for the way I’m learning about the love of my Father God! He took time today to show me a little wonder that totally rocked my world. (Rocked – get it?) hahaha) I guess I don’t need to wear them…my path is paved with them! What a wonder that is. I’m more blessed than I could have imagined. My heart and my footsteps lighter as baked and worked. Earning and caring for my 5 boys is a delight and I’m thankful for every moment with them. I often wish their childhood could last a little bit longer. I hope that I somehow can transfer to them the delight for the little things and the gifts that we are given all along the way. Open our eyes and receive how generously we are given good gifts by our Heavenly Father. I am so very loved! Today I am blessed and grateful!

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